Design and surfaces

Car desing development


Create the interface between user and product

In DESIGN OF CONCEPTS we join form and function, creating the interface between user and product.

Aware of the enormous importance to the success of the final product, we provide and visualize creative concepts, which give innovative answers to all requirements of a complex product. These requirements come from both the viability and efficiency of the product, as well as the perception and usage by the customer.


Detail and optimize the Design

In DESIGN OF SURFACES we offer optimal solutions between the intention of design and the technical requirements.

Based on the analysis of the data received from Design, ergonomics, aerodynamics and engineering, we generate and visualize maximum quality surfaces in Exteriors and Interiors. We create viable proposals to the last detail of the product, optimized for its series production.

Diseño de superficies de vehículos
Individualizar y personalizar el Diseño


Individualize and customize the Design

Our specialists on COLOUR AND TRIM provide innovative concepts of the set of colours, materials and their textures and finishes for Exteriors and Interiors.

We investigate trends in both automotive and other areas, such as architecture, fashion and science.

With COLOUR AND TRIM, working closely with the designers, we achieve going depeer and customizing the Design in order to increase the user’s identification with the product.


Visualize the Design

In all the development stages of the design, our professionals visualize the product for its illustration and testing. We offer a high quality VISUALIZATION by realistic photo images, 3D virtual reality or with real models, elaborated in our workshops annexed to the offices.

Visualizar el Diseño
Formación y colaboración universitaria


And university collaboration

We understand TRAINING as a key piece. It assures us that our specialized technicians are at the forefront of the latest techniques and trends in their profession.

It also enhances the relationship between university-company, collaborating directly with ELISAVA, “Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona” attached to Universidad Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, organizing postgraduate programmes, dissemination conferences and development of training projects.