Offices of design, engineering and electrical systems.

Multidisciplinary teams for the development of components

IBO Group has an extensive range of specialists who are working all around the world in different fields and sectors. Their teams are multidisciplinary, and they have a great experience and also they are in constant training and improvement of their skills. A positive response to new challenges.

The work teams are formed by designers, CAD modelers, engineers, illustrators, etc., which enables us to develop any type of component or object, from the initial design to the production stage.

Oficinas de diseño, ingeniería y sistemas eléctricos

IBO Group proposes solutions of quality with cost optimization that give answer to the specific needs of each customer. For the designs, it is used the most adequate software: Maya, ICEM Surf, Catia V5, UG, etc.

As a result of an extensive experience, responsibility, cost knowledge and power of innovation, IBO Group ensures an appropiate result for the projects of its customers.