Electrical systems


We build physical prototypes which are functional to verify the aesthetics, behavior and functionality of the design.

These prototypes can be used to optimize the development process and its subsequent manufacture.

Our experience and good final results, backed by the customers, makes us work with the leading brands in the automotive sector.

Investigación y desarrollo


Our concern and spirit of improvement, makes us being in constant research on market trends in order to be able to offer, every single moment, an advanced answer to your needs.


Considering the importance of electrical systems in the automotive sector, in IBO Engineering we have created a department of engineering with professionals able to define the layout of the wiring, insulation, location and development of fixing elements and the placement of switchboards and sensors.

Sistemas eléctricos
Electrónica del automóvil


The electronic components are gaining more importance every day. Aware of this, in IBO Engineering we are able to carry out the development of software and hardware in the different areas of the vehicle.

Formación y colaboración universitaria


The ambient interior lighting through LED technology and in different shades of color that the customer can choose, is one of the current market innovations of interior lighting.

In IBO Engineering, we adapt us to these new technologies, and carry out viabilities, development and prototypes in areas like door guides, headliner and central console.

Formación y colaboración universitaria


Headlights and pilots

The lighting system of a vehicle is fundamental because it allows us to see and to be seen without leaving aside other factors like the aesthetic -as these give character and expression to the car- or the most important factor, safety, as we can avoid accidents.

In IBO Engineering we take into account all these factors and we have professionals with a wide experience, so that we can offer headlamps and rear lights designs, technical surfaces, feasibility studies, simulation of lighting technology (Lucidshape) and product development.

Formación y colaboración universitaria
Formación y colaboración universitaria