Automotive engineering


The internal finishes are a very important part in a vehicle, as it is the part that is in contact with the user. They have to transmit a comfort sensation and visual attraction, but above all these, safety.

In IBO Engineering we consider all these factors and we count on professionals able to follow strict requirements of quality, ergonomics and functionality.

Acabados internos del vehículo
Acabados externos


The external finishes are the part of the vehicle where each manufacturer reflects its identity stamp, with lines that are more or less aggressive in each model. But, although they appear to be just aesthetic components, they have to comply with strict safety regulations against collisions and pedestrian protection.

In IBO Enginnering we are specialist in the development of bumpers, offering to the customer the whole process, from the realization of viability to 3D development, providing technical solutions and monitoring the industrialization of the product.


In the design of the bodywork there are several objective that have to be taken into account: the development of the product with the minimum weight and minimum cost, using steels with high resistance to breakage and absorption of energy, without affecting the most important things, which is structural rigidity and safety in case of impact.

Taking into account all these points, we have professional staff able to offer support in the bodywork design and provide technical solutions in the welding process..

Ingeniería de carrocería
Visualizar el Diseño


In the development of the moving elements -doors, tailgate, car hood- a number of technical, ergonomic, functional and safety requirements have to be complied.

In our offices we have qualified staff that enables us to offer solutions to our customers in which all these points are fulfilled, carrying out kinematic studies, integration of mechanisms and tightness system, among others.